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Oklahoma City Child Support Lawyer

Finding A Payment Schedule That Works For Your Family

In Oklahoma, child support is calculated based on standardized information regarding parental income and the number of children involved. This information does little to truly reflect the unique nature of your family. Modifications can be made, however, to reflect special needs in education, health care or employment status.

As your lawyer, I will work with you personally to make sure your unique financial situation and the needs of your child are put first in these proceedings in child support enforcement.

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Child Support Enforcement

At some point after your divorce is final and support payments are being made, the paying parent may end up struggling financially or may actively decide to no longer make support payments. In most cases, failure to pay child support is the result of economic hardships, such as job loss or medical issues.

It is always best to tackle the inability to pay child support proactively. If you know you are going to be unable to pay support, a modification may be necessary to make sure you meet your legal obligations and are not in violation of a prior court order.

In cases of a violation of a court order where the paying parent refuses to make court-ordered payments, we may need to take legal action to collect back child support.

Above all else, child support is designed to help a child receive the support he or she needs after a divorce – something most parents would agree should be a part of a divorce agreement. I can help you keep the contentious nature of divorces under control while we find a reasonable and long-term plan for you, your former spouse and the child in need of support.