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Oklahoma Judges Appoint Guardians When It's Necessary or Convenient

You'll want to retain a guardianship attorney in Oklahoma City, OK to fight for you

When the biological parents can’t care for a child for whatever reason, the court can intervene by appointing a guardian for that child. If you want to become a guardian, you should retain an experienced guardianship attorney to file a petition.

Kenneth L. Peacher, Attorney at Law assists with guardianship cases in and around Oklahoma City, OK. Mr. Peacher is a family law lawyer with over 35 years of experience, so you know he can help you navigate the process.

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What can a guardian do for a child?

Depending on the situation and the age of the child, the guardian may be responsible for…

  • Enrolling the child in school
  • Making decisions about the child’s education or medical care
  • Managing any bank accounts or items left in a trust for the child

Oklahoma judges consider the best interests of the child, so you should retain a guardianship attorney to advocate for you. Contact Kenneth L. Peacher, Attorney at Law today to retain a dedicated family law lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK.