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Oklahoma City Child Custody Lawyer

Handling Child Custody With A Focus On The Child's Needs

Too many times, children involved in a divorce end up being discussed like property in child custody proceedings. “Who gets the kids?” is a common question we have to answer as we work through a divorce.

Children deal with significant burdens in family conflicts. Their needs as people must be considered in every decision, and they should not be treated as something one spouse “wins” or “loses” in the conflict.

Clarifying Complex Issues Related To Your Children

I help my clients answer questions such as:

  • How can we develop a joint custody parenting plan that keeps both parents involved in parenting their child(ren)?
  • What do we do if safety concerns arise, such as issues of violence, neglect or substance abuse?
  • What if the child(ren) are of an age where they can express preference of where to live?
  • How can we manage interstate custody and visitation schedules before our divorce is final or through a modification of custody post-divorce?
  • How can we facilitate cooperative decision making post-divorce?
  • How can both parents exercise equal legal rights if one has primary physical custody?
  • When do I take action if one person fails to act in accordance with our custody agreements?

As your attorney, I will be a staunch advocate for your rights and your best interests. I will be prepared to take your case to court if you or your children are not offered favorable options in settlement agreements.

Still, I know that my clients often fare best when we facilitate cooperative decision making. With more than 35 years of experience as an attorney in Oklahoma City, I know when to push back and when to bend in favor of what is reasonable, fair and ultimately the most positive outcome possible.

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