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Child Visitation Rights Lawyer

Visitation describes the agreement that parents have to provide valuable parenting time to both parents, regardless of who has primary physical custody of the child.

Oklahoma courts recognize the value that both parents provide to a child. The courts job, in many cases, is to assure that this value is preserved, regardless of the emotional nature of divorce proceedings. They consider which parent is most likely to adhere to visitation and time-sharing agreements and how best to organize those agreements with details regarding:

Weekend time-sharing: Will the noncustodial parent have the children every weekend, every other weekend, or for limited times on certain days of the weekend?

Midweek time sharing: Will the noncustodial parent keep the children overnight? Does he or she live in a place that allows for adherence to school schedules and routines?

Holiday and vacation planning: Will the parents alternate common family-focused holidays and birthdays?

Visitation procedures: How will the child get from one parent’s home to the other? Will the parents be able to have contact with one another or is it in the child’s best interest to keep them separated?

Visitation with extended family: Will both parents allow for visitation with grandparents, stepparents and other individuals who will likely have an influence on the child(ren)?

Sensitive But Assertive In Finding The Right Visitation Plan For You

These seem like straightforward and negotiable details, but families can easily have difficulty negotiating settlements and adhering to them without lawyer representation and influence from the court.

My goal as an Oklahoma City child visitation rights attorney is to make sure your needs and your child’s needs are met, and the most positive relationship possible is fostered for everyone involved. I will fight back against denial of child visitation if your rights as a parent are being jeopardized, and I will make sure to pursue court-ordered remedies if there are safety concerns for you or the child.