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Oklahoma City Paternity Lawyer

A legal determination of paternity under the law is beneficial for both parent and child. The child is given a clear understanding of his or her family history and is able to enjoy the stability of legal benefits such as the right to inheritance, health care and Social Security benefits evolving from his or her natural father.

While these issues can sometimes be adversarial, many cases I handle are centered on the preservation of positive relationships between father and child.

Legitimization And Paternity For A Variety Of Family Situations

As a paternity lawyer, I have handled a wide range of Oklahoma family law issues that require legitimization, court-ordered paternity tests and the determination of child related issues such as custody, visitation and support, which are always associated with establishing paternity.

In some cases, I work with individuals who found out years after a child was born that he might be the father. In other cases, unmarried couples need to assure that legal rights as a parent are established. Simply putting a name on a birth certificate does not necessarily take care of these issues – you need to make sure every detail is covered in paternity actions. An experienced lawyer will be crucial to your success in this area of law.

Preserving Families And Protecting My Clients

I offer more than 35 years of experience in family law and litigation, and it has given me an acute understanding of when a case requires an aggressive presence in trial, or when skill at the negotiating table would be more beneficial. No matter how I pursue a resolution, I am careful to consider everyone involved in the legal process, including the father, the mother and the child.

As your attorney, I will be available to answer your questions and to actively contact you to make sure all communication will be clear, direct and promptly responded to so your case can be resolved efficiently and effectively.

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