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Don't Let an Alcohol Charge Ruin Your Future

Retain a DUI attorney in Oklahoma City, OK

The aftermath of a DUI can stay with you for years. Not only may you face jail time, but you might also have to deal with hefty fines, high insurance premiums and a license suspension. If you want to avoid this, turn to Kenneth L. Peacher, Attorney at Law in Oklahoma City, OK.

With over 30 year of experience, DUI attorney Peacher has the skills needed to create a strong defense for you and represent you in court. Schedule a free consultation with DUI attorney Peacher today.

Common alcohol related charges

You can turn to Kenneth Peacher, no matter what alcohol charge you’re facing. Mr. Peacher has extensive experience handling cases involving:

  • DUI and DWI
  • Open container
  • Public intoxication

An alcohol charge doesn’t have to lead to a conviction. Contact Kenneth Peacher today to start building your defense.