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Oklahoma City Divorce Lawyer

No matter how hard you have tried to keep your family together, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and for your children is to accept that it is time to move on.

While this will inevitably be a challenging and emotional time for you, it does not have to be one of loss. With more than 35 years of experience in Oklahoma City divorce issues, I know that a well-executed divorce can help an individual and his or her family bring a new life with a more positive outlook.

I handle a wide range of contested and uncontested divorce issues, including:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Parenting plans and visitation rights
  • Property and debt division

Do I Need To Declare Fault When Filing For Divorce?

Oklahoma still has a fault-based approach to divorce proceedings, wherein an individual must allege issues of neglect or adultery in order to obtain a divorce. Changes in law, however, have also permitted no-fault divorces in the case of “incompatibility.”

Determining how to best file for divorce in Oklahoma is only the beginning of the process. Beyond this, you must begin to negotiate other details through divorce mediation or take matters to court when you are unable to reach an agreement. Having a lawyer on your side during this process is crucial to protecting your rights.

What Happens After Divorce?

Divorce is one area of law that will likely influence your life for years after it is finalized. As you or your spouse decide to relocate or remarry, it may change your child custody or support payment schedules.

Make sure the plans you put in place now provide a means for this flexibility when you need it most, and facilitate a way to make amicable decisions – a crucial element to moving on two, five and 10 years later.

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